Retractable Sunroom & Patio Enclosures

Outdoor Wedding Company Retractable Sunroom

The Louis Castle project in Chengdu, designed by the chief designer of the restoration team of the Palace of Fontainebleau in France, Anthony Bessue, mainly focuses on fashion festivals, art performances, creative exhibitions, and weddings. The retractable sunroom plays the role of a restaurant, and can also be used as a small and medium-sized outdoor wedding...

Park Convenience Store & Supermarket Retractable Sunroom

The park is a place for citizens to exercise and walk, but there is a lack of a convenience store, so the government department plans to build an unguarded 24-hour convenience store, requiring the retractable sun room to have face recognition function, automatic induction switch, mobile payment, face payment , wind and rain sensing, fire protection and other functions. Convenience store provides bottled...

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