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Sunroom Catu Style Polyline Shape


The history of architecture is as old as the human living in the caves. Those caves which served as houses and homes have the prominent separation between indoor and outdoor. These separations were stones, concrete, woods or whatsoever deemed appropriate to the architectural trend of that time. With the passing time, the modern world brings improved technology that innovates these separations giving the empowerment to the structural glass to serves as walls for the buildings. Retractable structures are the modern separations between indoor and outdoor, however, they can transform indoor to outdoor and vice versa.

More than 10+ years of experience in the industry of retractable structures Sunrim has researched and innovated retracting products with which you can create the structure as of your wish wherever you want or whenever you want. Transforming your outdoor to an indoor area with free standing or lean-to structures that benefits you to enjoy and control the climate as you desire. The features; manual or automatic, small or big, inclined or horizontal and many more available to choose from that fits your project.

User flexibility nature of retractable structures are designed to comply with the aesthetic look – whether it is complete or partial opening.

Electric Retractable sun room Electric Retractable sun room

Electric Retractable sun room Electric Retractable sun room

Electric Retractable sun room

Please send us your pictures and size(CAD), It would be great for us to have an idea about your pool and space.

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Why Choose us

1, Up to 15-year warranty
2, Extend your pool usage for more than 25 years
3, Resistance to wind Minimum resistance to the wind of 100 km/h
4, Snow load: Withstand 900kg distributed load in a 1.5 radius
5, Customizable Color, Size, Style
6, Certification: ISO9001:2008, CE
7, Polycarbonate Retardant Standard: Grade B1(GB Standard)
8, 100% Bayer Polycarbonate Materials
9, Factory Direct Delivery, Save more than 50% Cost
10, Your pool enclosure is protected, Your purchase is secure and transparent.

Enclosures Comparison
A pool enclosure is a significant investment. It is not only a monetary commitment, but a decision where safety, durability and quality factors must be researched as well. Not every pool enclosure on the market is the same. There are vast differences to be found in the structure, quality, materials used and price of each product. At times, you think you may be saving money, but you could very well be compromising quality and durability.

1, Polycarbonate Solid Sheets: Sunrim is 4mm, Other suppliers is 3mm thick;
2, Frame material: Sunrim is 4~6mm 6063-T5 and 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, Other suppliers is 2mm~3mm 6063 aluminium alloy;


1.Security: Access to the pool is not possible for a child when theenclosure is correctly closed.
2. Compliance with European standard NFP 90 30
3. Increase in temperature of the water of 6 to 10 ° C (without additionalheating)
4. Prolongs pool use to 6 months + per year, or throughout the year with an airheating unit.
5. Always ready for you to swim (early morning, late evening or whenever you want…)
6. No more risk of frost during the winter
7. Effective protection against ingress of pollution and leaves etc
8. Reduced maintenance and less regular cleaning of the pool filters
9. Savings on water treatment products (about 30% less) because of UV filteredroof.
10. Protection against the wind while swimming.
11. Fewer algae develop by photosynthesis (UV)
12. Protects the pool from rain that upsets the pH of water
13. Greatly reduces the evaporation of the pool water.
14. Environmentaly friendly: reduces water requirement for topping up.
15. Can replace conventional pool surface covers
16. Sustainable Investment: 15 yearwarranty
17. Increases the value of your property.


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