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How much does a Pool Enclosure cost? | Covers in Sunrim

How much does a Pool Enclosure cost? | Covers in Sunrim

Why the price of pool cover on the market is very different, from New York to Florida, and then from Iceland to Spain, we browsed most of the merchants in the market, all the prices are amazing. I swear this can help you save over $10000 on your pool enclosure cost by square foot or by total price.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures
Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Please send us your pool pictures and size, It would be great for us to have an idea about your pool and space.

We always keep in mind that recommended design is integrated with your existing architectural structure, Sunrim products design refers to 100 years of weather and snow conditions, all large commercial projects can provide structural calculations.
Sunrim can change your outdoor space, just like indoor’s, with a unique experience.Our retractable building structure not only offers design flexibility and conceptual integrity, but also minimizes the burden of commercial costs while reducing energy consumption for lighting and ventilation. In addition, operating our scalable structures is safe and reliable.

Why Choose us:
1, Up to 15-year warranty
2, Extend your pool usage for more than 25 years
3, Resistance to wind Minimum resistance to the wind of 120 km/h
4, Snow load: Withstand 900kg distributed load in a 1.5m radius
5, Customizable Color, Size, Style
6, Certification: ISO9001:2008, CE
7, Polycarbonate Retardant Standard: Grade B1(GB Standard)
8, 100% Bayer Polycarbonate Materials
9, Factory Direct Delivery, Save more than 50% Cost

The retractable in architecture can be simply called modern luxury, realizing your dream!

Sunrim’s expertise, experience and modern concepts in swimming pools, spas, outdoor gyms and sports facilities are unique. Sunrim’s solution is perfect for companies because it creates value and more capital over four seasons.Allowing you to operate in a variety of weather conditions and provide your customers with a rare experience .Sunrim will transform your lifestyle with a retractable pool structure system, no matter it’s winter, summer, rain or snow, you can enjoy your time!

The problem is more complicated for cities where land is scarce, and you need more commercial space without losing the essence of style and design. Sunrim has creatively installed and configured the building to solve this problem. Modern outdoor spaces with retractable structures help owners to increase business value and stand out from their competitors.Our mission is “outdoor freedom, indoor comfort”.We have the latest technology and innovative R&D engineer to achieve this goal.We always keep in mind the integration of architectural design with your existing architectural structure or commercial building design.

Suitable space application for villa, hotel, swimming pool, terrace, garden, commercial ,etc. With good spatial expansibility, the same sunroom space can be used for different functional requirements. As villa sunroom, can extend for book hall, gym, meeting room, open type kitchen, enter room garden ,etc. High-end fitness club pools and private outdoor pools have to take into account factors such as reduced use due to climate change and water pollution from the surrounding environment.The unique “opening and closing ” function of the sunroom can make you enjoy the sports with the clean water regardless of the hot sun or the storm raining, truly follow the heart and enjoy the elation!



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