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How much does a retractable pool enclosure cost?

How much does a retractable pool enclosure cost?

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How Much Does A Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $5,550 to $20,570 nationally.
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If you want to use your swimming pool year-round, a pool cage is your answer. Pool enclosures don’t only protect the pool from colder weather, but they also keep the water warm. As expected, the extra comfort comes with a price. Continue reading to see the average permanent and retractable pool screen enclosure prices.

Table of Contents

  1. Pool Enclosures Cost
  2. Pool Screen Enclosure Cost Factors
  3. Pool Cage Types
  4. Portable Vs. Permanent Swimming Pool Enclosure Prices
  5. Related Pool Enclosure Costs
  6. Pool Cage Alternatives
  7. Pool Screen Enclosure Advantages
  8. Pool Screen Enclosure Disadvantages
  9. Find A Swimming Pool Enclosure Contractor

Pool Enclosures Cost

Since we’re working with such a big structure, it can be hard to pinpoint an exact price point for your new pool screen enclosure. As you’ll soon see, pool cage costs vary based on the size of your pool, the type of pool enclosure and other various price factors. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a ballpark figure, expect to pay between $4,000 and $11,500 for your new pool enclosure or $6 to $15 per square foot.

Pool Screen Enclosure ExpenseMinimum Pool Screen Enclosure CostMaximum Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

How Much Does A Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

Pool Screen Enclosure Cost Factors

As you can see, pool enclosures range quite a bit. Don’t let that $35,000 price tag scare you. Remember, most pool enclosures do not cost more than $11,500. Fortunately, there are certain cost factors that, if controlled, ensure you don’t overpay for your inground or above ground swimming pool enclosure.

Pool & Pool Enclosure Size

Undoubtedly, the most influential cost factor is your pool and pool enclosure size. Smaller pools don’t only require less material, but they also take less time to install. Therefore, small pools bring your pool cage costs down.

Unlike the size of a current pool, you can determine the size of your pool enclosure. Typically, swimming pool cages surround the entire pool, occupying three to 10 feet above the pool. However, some pool enclosures are smaller, extending only one to two feet above the pool. Lower or medium pool screen enclosures costs should not exceed $30 per square foot.

Pool Cage Type

You have options when it comes to swimming pool enclosures. While variety is always a nice option, they do bring about various price points. The two types of inground pool enclosures are screened pool enclosures and glass pool enclosures. We’ll get into specifics later, but pool screen enclosures keep bugs and debris out, but minimally affect temperature. Glass pool enclosures do it all from bug protection to climate control and shelter from the sun. 

As you might expect, glass cages (up to $65 per square foot) cost more than pool screens (up to $30 per square foot).

Pool Type

More often than not, most pool enclosures are installed over inground pools. Prices above are largely based on inground pools. However, above ground pools are common across the U.S. and luckily, you can install pool cages around these pools as well.

Budget-conscious homeowners will be delighted to hear that above ground pool enclosures start at $400.

Pool Enclosure Design

More often than not, you can customize your enclosure design. While the typical design includes a square with a rounded top, other homeowners are installing complex pool enclosure designs ranging from gabled and hipped to segmented and lean-to.

If you want to keep your pool enclosure cost down, go with a simple design that requires less material and less time on site for your swimming pool contractor.

customize your enclosure design How Much Does A Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

Pool Cage Types

Touched on earlier, there are two primary types of pool enclosures. Additionally, when you throw in above ground pools, you add a third primary type. Of course, all pool enclosure types bring different advantages and more importantly, costs!

Glass Pool Enclosures

The most popular and most expensive pool enclosure type is glass. Beyond protecting you and your family from bugs and debris, certain glass pool cages let you control the temperature, both of the room and the pool, as well as protect you against those harsh summer days. You can install tinted glass to provide shade so many of us crave in the middle of the afternoon.

Sadly, given all their features, glass pool enclosures are more expensive than any other type of enclosure. Glass pool enclosure costs range between $9,000 and $35,000.

ExpenseMinimum Glass Pool Enclosure CostMaximum Glass Pool Enclosure Cost

Screen Pool Enclosures

If you want to save money on your new pool cage, consider installing a pool screen enclosure. Screened in pools do not protect you like glass enclosures, but they do keep out bugs and flies and also provide some relief when it rains. However, unlike a glass cover, screens let in those desirable breezes on warm summer days.

Given their advantages, it makes sense that pool screens are more affordable than glass enclosures. Inground pool screen enclosure costs range between $4,000 and $10,000.

ExpenseMinimum Inground Pool Enclosure CostMaximum Inground Pool Enclosure Cost

Above Ground Pool Enclosures

All of the information included in this guide so far is associated with inground pool enclosures. However, above ground pools are very common today, and their affordability makes them perfect for budget homeowners. Enclosures are certainly less common for these pools, but they still keep the water heated and free from leaves. These dome-shaped enclosures, often made from nylon and including zippered doors, can cost as little as $400 each.

ExpenseMinimum Above Ground Pool Enclosure CostMaximum Above Ground Pool Enclosure Cost
Labor$0 (DIY)$500

Portable Vs. Permanent Swimming Pool Enclosure Prices

Along with your pool enclosure type, you’ll have to decide if you want a permanent structure surrounding your newly installed pool or a portable structure. Permanent pool enclosures can’t be moved and live around your pool year-round. They are typically made of glass and are common in the Midwest and along the East Coast. Clearly, permanent pool cages make sense for colder climates that otherwise could not use their pool in the fall or winter.

Permanent pool enclosure prices follow the trends above. However, if you can’t decide between permanent and portable, consider a retractable pool enclosure. As the name suggests, retractable enclosures open and close as you wish. Therefore, you don’t have to go one way or the other all year. In the summer, you can enjoy the sun’s heat when you wish and in the winter, you can still use the pool, despite frigid temperatures outside.

Unfortunately, retractable pool enclosures do not come cheap. In fact, some open and close structures cost as much as $200 per square foot.

Portable swimming pool enclosures, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They act just like screened in pools, but they can be put on and taken off whenever you wish. No need for professional labor, as these nylon screens are easy to transport. Portable pool enclosures range from $400 up to $2,000, heavily depending on your pool size.

Related Pool Enclosure Costs

Beyond installing your new pool cage, other expenses usually follow. As always, to get a complete picture of your pool enclosure price, you have to consider initial and ongoing costs.

  1. Maintenance: You have to clean both the inside and outside of your pool enclosure. Given the chemicals your pool demands, dirty pool cages can create algae, which isn’t safe for anyone. You can either find a pool contractor every six months to clean your pool and pool enclosure or do it yourself. A good vinegar and water solution can effectively clean your enclosure and save $200 in the process!
  2. Furniture: Whether you’re adding a pool enclosure or not, you want to spend as much time as possible in or near your pool. To truly enjoy the outdoors, most homeowners add outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture and outdoor lighting greatly add to the swimming experience. In fact, if you’re handy and want to save cash, you can even build your own furniture.Otherwise, your outdoor furniture costs will largely depend on what you choose to add.
  3. Pool Fencing: Beyond many of the benefits already mentioned, all pool enclosures offer a sense of security and privacy. Nonetheless, some of us like to separate the pool area from all else and as such, install pool fencing. According to our cost estimator, the cost of pool fencing ranges from as little as $100 to as much as $9,500.
  4. Storage: To amplify the pool experience for children, we purchase toys, floating devices and plenty of other playthings that take up space. To clear up the area, many pool owners build a shed. Just like a typical storage shed, pool sheds start at $500 if you DIY, but can swell up to $3,700 if you hire a pro.
  5. Heating & Cooling: Depending on the location of your pool and pool cage, you can install or run your existing heating and cooling systems into the pool area. If it’s close to the home, an HVAC contactor could extend the lines for less than $1,000. If you’re installing a new system, your heating and cooling costs will be significantly more.

Pool Cage Alternatives

By now, your swimming pool screen enclosure price should be as clear as possible. Nonetheless, we know these pool cage costs are steep for many. While none of the below options offer as much protection or comfort as a glass pool enclosure, they do improve your swimming experience:

  1. No Cover: Pool enclosures bring a host of advantages, but many homeowners enjoy having no roof over their heads as they swim or spend time outdoors. As such, while you have no protection in the winter, some homeowners forgo pool cage expenses all together.
  2. Awnings: If your pool is near your home, you can add an awning for shade and rain protection. They don’t provide as much protection, but awning prices start at $250.
  3. Screened In Patio: Just like an awning, if your pool is near your home and/or patio, you can install a screen around your patio. You most likely won’t be able to install glass, but on average, screened in patios cost approximately $1,000.

Pool Screen Enclosure Advantages

Beyond the obvious of being able to use your pool whenever you want, despite the weather outside, there are other, less subtle benefits that come with all pool enclosures:

  • Pool enclosures reduce maintenance by keeping leaves and debris out.
  • Pool screen enclosures enhance privacy as you swim.
  • Pool cages prevent animals from getting into your pool.
  • Pool screen enclosures prevent mosquitoes.
  • Pool enclosures amplify pool safety.
  • Pool cages prevent vandalism.
  • Some pool cages maintain a desired temperature, no matter how cold or hot it is outside.


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