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How Much Does The Outdoor Telescopic Pool Cover Enclosures Cost

How Much Does The Outdoor Telescopic Pool Cover Enclosures Cost

You can tell us your pool size and get a exact pool enclosure price with in 8 hours.

I swear this can help you save over $10000 on your pool enclosure cost by square foot or by total price.

The pool enclosures are covering installed over a swimming pool for a number of reasons.

Some people install this structure specifically to save on the pool heating costs.

At the same time, they can be installed to keep the pool free from debris.

No matter the season, there are some debris that will always be blown into your swimming pool.

This structure can prevent this from happening.

The pool enclosures can be constructed from different kinds of materials such as aluminum, glass, multi-wall polycarbonates, etc.

The enclosure sections are independently key locked separately within the track that allows the sections to glide either way on the track when unlocked. Therefore any section can be retracted left or right, the smallest within the largest and vise versa.
Dual sealing system between segments, heightened protection of your swimming pool against outside elements.
We offer very attractive rounded profiles with unique sealing system.
Only with a telescopic enclosure can you enjoy swimming in the outdoors on nice days by simply sliding the enclosure off the pool. Inclement weather simply close the enclosure and enjoy.
No need to clean the pool as often – pool enclosures save you time and money on pool maintenance.
Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals, saves you time and cost on chemicals.


Extended your swimming season or Swim All Year!
Use your patio or swimming pool even in bad weather (simply slide the segment to enclose it).
Slide your enclosure off the pool or patio in hot days (let the pool or terrace breathe)
Prolonged use plus extra storage, planting or exercising space.
Retains thermal comfort even on colder days (special design keeps the warmth within the enclosure).
Save on heating your pool or patio (it is one of the main features of enclosures – polycarbonate filling creates a “Greenhouse Effect”).
Minimize heat loss through the night (pool and patio enclosure has this special feature).
Slide segments with ease (unique functionality of our step-on sliding rails).
Keep safe with additional safety features – enclosures are fully lockable (don´t worry about your pets and kids anymore).
A flexible alternative to traditional construction – Barrier free access.
High clarity light transmission and protection against harmful UV radiation.
Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for year
Reduced cleaning time by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of your enclosure.


The Outdoor Pool Enclosures Cost

How much cost do you think for a swimming pool enclosure?

According to main source on the internet ,a swimming pool enclosure may cost you over $20,000 , however , this is not the truth.

Actually you can save half on the swimming pool enclosure.


Check this article:

SUNRIM vs. IPC Products: How to Save Over $10,000 with SUNRIM Swimming Pool Enclosure

There are a number of variables that determine the approximate cost of a pool enclosure system.

1.The size of the pool enclosure systems

You will pay more for larger swimming pool enclosure systems as compared to the smaller types.

This forms one of the key factors you need to consider while requesting for a quote.

The cost will be determined based on the length and the width of the swimming pool and the region around the deck.

2.The location of the pool also determines the outdoor pool enclosure cost.

As a matter of fact, the cost of construction materials varies from one region to the other.

For instance, assuming the company is based in China, the cost of swimming materials will be cheaper in Asia than in the U.S.

In addition to these, the weather or climatic condition within a given location will also determine the total costs of an enclosure.

3.The Swimming Pool Enclosure Design

This yet, another factor that determines the outdoor pool enclosure cost.

There are very many models and designs that one can choose from.

Complex designs are more expensive than simple designs.

The closing and opening mechanisms of the retractable cover play an important role when determining the costs of a swimming pool enclosure.

That is, considering two retractable pool enclosures of the same sizes, the automatic covers will be more expensive that the manual types.

4.The Swimming Pool Enclosure Material

There are pools that have been constructed from glass and polycarbonate sheets.

Others have either aluminum or wooden frames.

All these factors will determine the amount of money you can pay for a single piece of equipment.


High quality of function and design-Sunrim swimming pool roofing 

Having swimming fun all the year around
The effect of huge arc-shaped roofing likes a convex lens: warm and sweet
If you want to extend your summer time, SUNRIM pool roofing is your best option. We can create personal hot spring for you in your backyard.
 Reducing pollution in the pool
Our roofing can protect your pool from leaves and dirt !
Offering you safeguard
The safety of your children and pets is very important. That’s why we only use impact resistance and absolute shatter proof polyester carbonate panel
Please tell us your landform and size of your swimming pool when you buy our products.
If you’re looking for the lowest cost solution then definitely
you’ll wanting to be looking at Low Profile.
The other main consdieration iswhere your pool is actually located. Would a high enclosure block
your view or outlook? The bviously advantage of the high enclsoures isthat you have the space to
move around insdie the enclosure, for either just relaxing, supervising others, or getting changed.
Measuring Your Pool
Please us this template to provide us with the dimensions of your pool as indicated
using the letters to identify yourkey measurements. If you can also send us
a few photographs of your pool and pool surround, we can advise you
regarding other areas of pool enclosure installation you may need to take into
consideration, such as pool skimmers
and positioning of steps etc.


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