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Products Standard

All the products manufactured by Sunrim, both swimming pool enclosures and solar rooms included, either with retractable or stationary design, shall be designed in accordance with China Standard and Code listed below:

  • Unified standard for building drawing (GB/T50001-2010)
  • Standard for Architectural drawing (GB/T50105-2010)
  • Standard for daylighting design of buildings (GB/T50033-2013)
  • Standard for glass skylight system of building (JG/T231-2007)
  • Code of Design on Building Fire Protection and Prevention (GB50016-2010)
  • Load code for the design of building structures (GB50009-2012)
  • Code for seismic design of buildings (GB50011-2010)
  • Technical code for roof engineering (GB50345-2012)

Design load combinations to carry load of water, snow, ice or others as specified by Load code of the design of building structures (GB50009-2012) and Code for seismic design of buildings.  Wind load shape coefficient for the design of all products shall be in accordance with Load code of the design of building structures (GB50009-2012)

The materials adopted to the products of Sunrim shall be in accordance with specifications stipulated by current national standard or code. The type, specification and capability of materials applied to the product shall be complied with design requirement.

8mm,10mm and 12mm twin-walled (or triple-walled) hollow sheet pc and 4mm compact board shall be used as glazing, quality guaranteed, meet the load requirement of whole structure. Gasket, seals or silicon sealant shall be used  to the open end of panels or be used between structural framing members where such members butt together, assure the structure is waterproof while in use. The neutral material shall be used for such gasket or seals. The manufacturer of polycarbonate has been qualified by ISO9001:2000. The PC product, both multi-walled or compact sheet, have been tested and qualified by National Test Center of Polymer and Chemical Building Materials and National Quality Test Center of Fireproof Building Materials, their products meet all the specified standard.

Infrastructure is of manufacturer’s extruded aluminum structural members, either with 6063-T5 or 6061-T6 type high strength aluminium profiles. Design of aluminium structure shall be in accordance with current China Code for design of aluminium structures (GB50429-2007). Both design factor for design of aluminium structure and the mean value of reliability analysis of aluminum alloy structural members are over 3.7, this is entirely comply with the stipulations of Unified standard for reliability design of building structures (GB 50068-2001). The quality of aluminium profiles shall meet current China norm or standard.

Gasket and seal materials that applied to the product shall be complied with Rubber building gaskets-Materials in preformed solid vulcanizates used for sealing glazing and panels- Specification (HC/T3100-2004) and Industrial rubber sheet (GB/T5574-2008). Structural silicon sealants shall be complied with Structural silicon sealants for building (GB16776-2005). The sealant used between panels and structural members shall be complied with Sealants for joint Glass Curtain Wall (JC/T882-2001).