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Why should the swimming pool choose a sun room?

Why should the swimming pool choose a sun room?

As private pools enter thousands of households, it is inevitable that they will encounter such problems.
Outdoor open-air swimming pools are often unclean, impurities such as leaves and dust fall into the water, microorganisms and bacteria grow faster, water quality of the pool becomes worse, and human health is endangered, and the frequency of water circulation becomes higher, which increases operating costs and maintenance costs.
Personal safety issues for children and pets. Because the pool is outdoors and open, children and pets have a safety hazard.
In summer, the ultraviolet radiation is large, the pool water temperature is high, the water temperature is low in spring, autumn and winter, and swimming is hindered.
All kinds of problems, the pool sun room has become very practical.
Why choose to install a sun room?

1. Security
There is no need to worry about the children falling into the pool while playing by the pool. The sun room can protect the safety of family and pets.
2. Water quality

The sun room can ensure that the soil will not fall into the pool, which can save a lot of cleaning time, and can also effectively reduce the use of disinfection chemicals, saving time and saving money.
3. Cost
Reduce operating costs and maintenance costs associated with water quality issues.
4. Practical
After loading the sun room, you can choose to swim in any season. During the day, the insulation effect of the sun room can effectively absorb and conserve heat, and the heat will not leak at night, and the cost and daily loss of the heating system can be reduced in the south.

Sunrim Sunshine is at your service
1. A variety of sizes, materials, bracket color paint, roof material and color, track, door type and position, shape, for selection
2. You only need to choose the size and color to get the enjoyment of the sun room within one week~

3. Extend the track (can push the sun room out of the pool), solar installation (just need to install, you can remotely move the sun room), long-term inventory, easy assembly



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