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To Build Your Own Cost-effective Pool Enclosure

To Build Your Own Cost-effective Pool Enclosure

Before we discuss how to build your high quality pool enclosure with inexpensive price, let us answer one question as why we need the pool cover.

1.Extend the using cycle of your pool, enjoy your pool all year round no matter the Weather situation, Creating an outdoor space all year round

  1. Definitely reduce maintenance cost of your pool. Easily open and close the enclosure whenever you want. Free your pool from insects, animals and all debris things. Reduces the frequency of treating swimming pool water and save money on chemical and water.

3.Safety– Guarantees swimming pool security and Improves your children’s safety. Children cannot access to the pool water since the pool cover is closed. 4.Heating pool water by trapping sun heat thus, reducing electricity bills and prevents decomposition of swimming pool chemicals by UV light. For sure, every individual would like to have one of the suitable pool enclosures—cost-effective with high quality.

How to estimate the budget for a swimming pool enclosure? According to mainstream vendor product on the internet, you budget should follow the highest quality of the pool enclosure. This is not the truth. Just find the cheapest one as your reference for budget,totally say no. Actually, you can make your reasonable budget for your pool to save cost and get suitable pool enclosure. Let us try to find how can we.

First of all, the most popular pool enclosure feedback from market is consists of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate panel, the size of pool enclosure can influence the price directly. As usual, the key parameters for dimensions should be length, width and height. Length and Width easy to confirm when you have plan to remain how long distance should remain beside the pool. Height define main base the model of pool enclosure you will choose. Such as low line, middle line and high line. For more model information, you can feel free to visit SUNRIM website for more information and good understanding.

Confirm the key parameter, the extend area of your pool enclosure almost confirmed.

Second, Material of swimming pool enclosure also make an important role in your budget plan. As usual, the main content of pool enclosure is aluminum alloy and polycarbonate panel, also Others have either glass or wooden frames. The thickness of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate panel you choose; The quality of the material you choose for the frame and PC cover; All these key points will determine the price for a single piece of pool equipment.

In short,follow items for your reference to estimate a suitable budget of your pool enclosure:

——To confirm your pool dimensionitems as shown in follow picture;

To choose the type you prefer toneed to confirm you need to deploy lowmiddle or high structurefor more type reference you can  refer to; To finish your designhow many doors or windows you plan to put in your pool enclosureDesign the pool enclosure base on Manual or Auto, compare the manual onefollow electric motor only for Auto oneit will cost more for your pool equipment.

——To analyze environmental conditionif there are many snowstorm in your area, let us plan in high quality frame and thicker polycarbonate panel such as 4mm of thickness; if almost not have extreme weatherusing 3mm thickness polycarbonate panel will be enoughalso saving the cost. A pool enclosure is a significant investment. It is not only a monetary commitment, but a decision where safety, durability and quality factors must be researched as well. Not every pool enclosure on the market is the same. There are vast differences to be found in the structure, quality, materials used and price of each product. We always provide customization service to find the suitable design for your pool enclosure. Any considering please access to our website or email us:



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