Office Building Outdoor Restaurant

  • Commercial, Hotel, Office Building, Restaurant
1 year ago

Office Terrace Reception Room Retractable Sunroom

  • Coffee Shop, Commercial, Office Building, Private Villas
7 years ago

High-end Residential Swimming Pool Retractable Roof & Skylight

  • Health & Sport, Hotel, Office Building, Residential Complexes
7 years ago

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Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, swimming pools, gyms, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, industries, private residences. . . . . .

Why Sunrim Is The Perfect Choice?


Product Advantages

More than 40 patented technologies, intelligent structure design, AI artificial intelligence control center system, hidden drive system design, hidden lighting design, electric shading, touch screen control, and the price is half cheaper than Europe and America .


Structural Advantages

We always keep in mind that the architectural design is integrated with your existing architectural structure design. Surnim product design refers to the local wind and rain conditions during past 100 years. All large commercial projects can provide structural calculations to meet the local architectural design standards.


Technical Advantages

We have the latest technology and a group of innovative thinkers to achieve this goal. Senior structural design engineers, Microsoft Certified Senior software engineers, and at least 20 years of experience in metal products design, production engineers, expertise to better understand the customer's demand, through innovation to drive industry reform.

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