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SUNRIM focus on smart mobile construction , the world’s first enterprise launched AI construction. Hundreds of scenario application solutions from Sunrim on market. The company is located in Suzhou, the beautiful paradise, here is the national famous historical&cultural city and tourist city, national high-tech industry base, free trade zone in Jiangsu province in China.The company provides high quality retractable sunroom, swimming pool cover, electric roof and other products to customers all over the world. Our vision is to make Sunrim become a global unicorn company in AI mobile architecture area, and to make Chinese smart builder famous overseas.

Brand advantage:
Sunrim is a brand of Suzhou Suez intelligent technology co., LTD., with a national registered trademark. It has invention, utility and appearance patent of various types of telescopic sunroom such as arc, right angle and fold line. Diverse products are suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Product advantage:
The extremely advantageous intelligent structure design, AI control center system, hidden driving system design, hidden lighting design, built-in electric shading, touch screen control, and can be configured with music, indoor formaldehyde and temperature detection and other functions.
The unique “opening and closing function” of the sunroom can make you enjoy the sports with the clean water regardless of the hot sun or the storm, truly follow the nature and enjoy the dignity! Users can use mobile phones, tablets and other wireless terminals for local or remote control of the device.
For global market, Sunrim is the only manufacturer that can independently develop AI control center system and integrate intelligent home power system.

Structural advantage:
We always keep in mind that recommended design is integrated with your existing architectural structure, Sunrim products design refers to 100 years of weather and snow conditions, all large commercial projects can provide structural calculations.
Sunrim can change your outdoor space, just like indoor’s, with a unique experience.Our retractable building structure not only offers design flexibility and conceptual integrity, but also minimizes the burden of commercial costs while reducing energy consumption for lighting and ventilation. In addition, operating our scalable structures is safe and reliable.

Technical advantage :
We have a group of innovative senior structural designers with the latest technology, included Microsoft certified senior software engineers, and at least 20 years of experience in metal products design, production engineers, professional knowledge allows us to better understand the ideas of customers, through innovation to promote industry reform.